Sony Sobax ICC-2700e microcomputer, mains operated, with motor driven magnetic card reader and 15 figure nixie tube display, made in Japan circa 1970. It was used with the Sony model EP-71 thermal printer. Units have dust covers.

253 step programmability, square root facility; primarily for repetitive numerical calculations - programming facilities are limited. A primitive facility for conditional branches in a programme justifies the use of the term computer for this unit.

The microcomputer is also accompanied by documents, comprising magnetic program cards, instruction manuals, program coding sheets and spare rolls of thermal paper for the printer.

Physical Description

The computer and printer are accompanied by documentation, program cards and miscellaneous small items For the Sony Sobax ICC-2700e microcomputer: the documentation consists of: 1. Descriptive and Instruction Booklets; 2. Operating instructions; 3. Coding forms; and the program card material consistes of: 1. Two sets of ten empty program card holders plus one filled cleaning card holder; 2.Two packs of ten unused program cards; 3. Set of ten program card holders containing program cards, plus one cleaning card holder with cleaning card; 4. Five program cards. There is an Instruction Booklet for the Sony Electronic Print-out EP-71.

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