Amstrad PPC640 is a portable compact computer, about 1989. The computer and other items were used by the donor mainly for her job in an import/export company.

The Amstrad has all its accessories and attachments. It includes PC2000 integral modem and Mirror II software for early use of Internet connectivity (never used). It has a Supertwist LCD screen, dual floppy disk drives (3 1/2" floppy), full keyboard and an internal battery pack. There are expansion ports in the rear to which a monitor and printer could be connected. A hard drive could be connected if wished.

Physical Description

A chunky oblong light grey computer that can be opened up. The screen can be set at any angle convenient to the user. It has a pull-out carry handle. Accompanying the computer: Quad software - manual ABC of Quattro - manual User instructions Nova B1 software - manual PPC organiser software - brochure 2 x Instruction sheets for telephone adaptor Manual for interface box Manual for typewriter Olympia Carrera electric typewriter

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