Medal - County of Bendigo Agricultural and Horticultural Society Bronze Prize, c. 1880 (AD)
Mint: not recorded
Artist: E.A. Altmann
Other Details: This is an unissued example of the Society's bronze prize medal, dated around 1890. The Society was established in 1859. It aimed to promote farming practices and celebrate rural achievements. It has conducted an Annual Show every year since that time, with the exception of the War years.

Physical Description

An unissued bronze prize medal (38 mm diameter) . It features the Arms of Bendigo with horse and bull supporters and the motto PROGRESS and details of the award.

Obverse Description

Around rim, County of Bendigo Agricultl. & Horticultl. Society; at centre, AWARDED TO

Reverse Description

Arms of Bendigo; on ribbon, PROGRESS below in small letters, ERNST A. ALTMANN MELBOURNE

Edge Description


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