Quadrans struck under the moneyers Apronius, Galus, Messalla and Sisenna in 5 BC, Ancient Roman Empire. Minted by Rome. There were 11 variations of the names in this issue which have been suggested to represent a security feature identifing one of the 11 months of the IVviri control of the mint. Although there were four men, they still class themselves as IIIviri on the coins.

Obverse Description

At centre, an altar; around, [ME]SSALLA GALVS IIIVIR

Reverse Description


Edge Description


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    Numismatics & Philately

  • Acquisition Information

    Transfer from National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), 15 Mar 1976

  • Date Issued

    5 BC

  • Issued By

    Emperor Augustus, Ancient Roman Empire

  • Mint

    Rome (Mint), Ancient Roman Empire

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  • Classification

    Coins, Ancient roman empire, Working strikes

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Dimensions

    2.871 g (Weight)

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  • References

    RIC.456 (legend 7 legend K) (was RIC.208 in the 1923 edition) There is some confusion between two editions on obv. and rev. and the use of the position of the divided office title IIIVIR and AAAFF - the Altar should be the obverse and SC the reverse as 1923, the 1984 edition incorrectly switched these while leaving the legends correct as described. To confuse matters, the quadrans issue of 4 BC places the SC with the moneyer's name and is classed as the obverse but that year only one moneyer is named on any one coin and the office IIIVIR AAAFF is placed with the altar. On this issue, 5 BC, all four moneyers are named, two on each side, and the office is divided, the IIIVIR is with the altar and AAAFF with SC (which the 1984 RIC has incorrectly reversed). Here, the beginning of the office is classed as obverse and end as reverse (following RIC 1923).
    [Book] Sutherland, C.H.V. 1984. The Roman Imperial Coinage. I., 33, 76-77 Pages