Copper As probably struck during the reign of Gaius, Ancient Roman Empire, in the name of Agrippa during the period 37-41 AD or later. Minted by Rome. "When were the enormously common asses in the name of M. Agrippa produced? In their day, whenever that was, they must have formed a solid proportion of the aes in circulation. Two main views have recently been propounded, and on precise grounds of analysis and argument: first, that they began under Tiberius c. 22-8, continuing under Gaius and Claudius, and secondly that they belong to the years 37-41 under Gaius alone, possibly with some Claudian continuation. For the moment absolute certainty seems impossible, but the later date, 37-41, seems to present a slightly greater margin of probability," Sutherland, RIC Vol. I revised, p. 89

Obverse Description

Head of Agrippa facing left wearing a rostral crown; around, M . AGRIPPA . L . F . COS . III

Reverse Description

Neptune standing facing left, his right hand extended and holding a small dolphin, with his left hand he holds a long vertical trident, the figure divides the letters S C

Edge Description


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