Copper alloy coin; Denomination: styca
York Mint
Aethelred II (first reign), King of Northumbria
Moneyer: Leofthegn

Aethelred II was the son of Eanred. Soon after he succeeded his father he was expelled by Raedwulf (see NU43). Raedwulf was killed the same year, fighting the Vikings, and Aethelred II was restored only to be assassinated a few years later. The dating of Æthelred's reign is extremely problematic. According to the written sources, he was expelled in 844 and assassinated in 849, but recent reinterpretations of ninth century Northumbrian chronology based on numismatic evidence argue for his reign beginning circa 854, his expulsion having taken place circa 858, and his assassination circa 862. Written and numismatic evidence agrees that Aethelred II was succeeded by Osberht (see NU44).

Obverse Description

The legend around a central cross, + EDILRED REX

Reverse Description

The legend around a central cross, + LEOFDEGN

Edge Description


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