New Zealand Christchurch
W. Petersen Token Penny, c. 1858
Mint: Thomas Stokes, Melbourne
Previous Collections: George McArthur
Standard References: Andrews 437 = Heyde 207 = Lampard 338
Other Details: Petersen was a watchmaker and jeweller. Tokens were demonetised in New Zealand on 25 March 1897.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter) giving the name address and business of the issuer: W. Petersen, watchmaker and jeweller, High Street, Christchurch. The reverse depicts a pocket watch, a mantle clock and a trophy cup.

Obverse Description

Around a border formed by a line circle; W. PETERSEN : HIGH ST. CHRISTCHURCH : within in three lines, WATCHMAKER / AND / JEWELLER

Reverse Description

At centre a pocket watch, a mantle clock and a trophy cup around in two curved lines, EVERYTHING SOLD GUARANTEED / ALL REPAIRS WELL EXECUTED in small letters along beaded border the mint name, T. STOKES MELBOURNE

Edge Description


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