1 Paisa coin, issued by Maharaja Ranbir Singh in the Kashmir Princely State, India
Hammered copper coinage struck at the Jammu mint in the period 1914-1919 VS (1857-1862 AD)

Obverse Description

A leaf within a Persian legend (mostly off flan), numerals (22) on left edge of flan; (Valentine gives the legend as Zarb Jamun sambat (date))

Reverse Description

Legend in Dogri Takari characters (most off flan); no scimitar on flan

Edge Description



Kashmir was taken from Afghan control by the Sikhs in 1819 and from them by the British in 1845. A year later it and Jamu were sold to Gulab Singh (father of the issuer of this coin) for 3/4 million pound sterling. The small denomination 1 paisa coin was introduced shortly after Gulab Singh took control. Regular production did not occur until 1857 at the Jammu mint where striking continued until 1862, this coin belongs to that issue. Production of the denomination was transferred to the Srinagar mint in 1863 where it was struck until discontinued after 1883.

The numerals 22 on the obverse do not seem to be part of a date. Other coins show 2207 although the '0' could be a stray bead, it seems to be above the numeral V (7). Valentine reads 227 and examines AH 1227 as a date but rejects it as impossible

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