Copper One Penny Token, a late strike minted by Stokes, Melbourne, circa 1918. Issued by Collins & Co, Cheap Clothing Bazaar, Bathurst, 1864. Collins & Co appears to have existed only for a short period, their products included: Groceries, Wines, Spirits, & Clothing.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm diameter) with the name, address and the business of the firm that originally commissioned the obverse die: Collins & Co. Cheap Clothing Bazaar, Bathurst muled with a corroded die originally employed for tokens issued by Caro & Co, Christchurch, New Zealand, a ploughman with the motto 'trade and agriculture'.

Obverse Description

At centre within line circle, COLLINS & CO around, CHEAP CLOTHING BAZAAR BATHURST

Reverse Description

A ploughman around above, TRADE AND AGRICULTURE around below in small letters T. STOKES MELB (Struck from a corroded die)

Edge Description


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