Copper 1 Falus coin issued by King Muhammad Ali Shah for the Awadh Princely State, India
Struck in 1254 AH (1838-1839 AD) at the Lucknow mint

Obverse Description

Persian legend, mostly off flan but with last three numerals of the date 12 54 at left (Translation of full legend from Catalogue of the Coins in the Indian Museum Calcutta, Vol.IV p.41: With grace and benevolence struck coin in the world, Muhammad Ali, Emperor of the Age)

Reverse Description

Centre of the new Arms: In the centre one fish; supporters two women with hands holding a crown above the fish and standing on a scroll around, Persian legend

Edge Description

The edge is plain.


Muhammad Ali Shah came to the throne after British intervention as Nasir-ud-Din Haidar had died (of poisoning) without a successor. Muhammad introduced the new Arms which are featured on the reverse of this coin.

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