A copper coin issued by King Perseus of Macedonia in the period 179-168 BC
Reference: Sear Vol.2 p.633 No.6807
Die axis: 02

Obverse Description

The hero Perseus in winged cap terminating in bird's head facing right

Reverse Description

Eagle on fulmen (thunderbolt) at sides of head B A; in field left the Greek letter monogram {PER}

Edge Description



Perseus was the last king of the Antigonid dynasty in Macedonia. In 180 BC Perseus convinced their father, Philip V, to have him poisoned as a potential usurper. After Perseus lost the Battle of Pydna on 22 June 168 BC Macedonia came under Roman rule. After marching as a captive in Aemilius Paullus's triumph (167 BC), Perseus spent the remainder of his life in Roman captivity.

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