Alternative Name(s): Fridge

Beach electric white refrigerator. This is a standard size, rectangular steel refrigerator with a ridged edge at top and a black, footed base. It was manufactured overseas in the mid-1930s.

According to an advertisement found in the Australian Women's Weekly, Dec. 5 1936, this refrigerator was available for purchase from Nock & Kirby's (Sydney), importers, from 1937.

A decorative badge on the centre of the fridge door shows a woman's head above a banner with the name "BEACH". Below this banner is a lightening bolt through a triangle.

Physical Description

This is a standard, electric, white metal refrigerator. The rectangular unit has a ridged edge at top and sits upon a black, footed base. FRONT: 2/3 height door, 1/3 height panel covering motor. Temperature dial upper centre. Silver metal base plate with black dial. DOOR: decorative logo, light and dark blue enamel, shield form, centre. HANDLE - vertical lever, hinged at top. BACK: exposed motor at bottom of unit. Electrical cord concealed behind vertical metal panel left. INTERIOR: white enamel with black enamel trim. Moulded supports for three shelves. Top shelf, removable, wire, full width. Middle shelf, made up of two half width shelves interlocking in the middle. A 1/2 width shelf at right below. FREEZER COMPARTMENT - 1/3 width, white enamel door, hinged at right. 2 compartments. DOOR - 2 fixed wire drawers, lower half of the door. Black rubber seal.

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