Alternative Name(s): Battle Dress

Navy-coloured bomber jacket, size 6, Royal Australian Air Force Squadron Leader, World War II. Inscribed with the date 1944. The provenance of the jacket is unknown.

Physical Description

Single breasted, unlined, navy wool jacket featuring two pleated breast pockets with concealed plain, black buttons. There are also five concealed central buttons and one at each cuff. A fabric strip along the bottom edge extends across the front and serves as a built-in belt with a metal loop buckle at the right hip. The epaulettes feature three yellow and black bands (the central band being thinner). Above the fold-down collar are two hook and eye fasteners. A cloth badge reading 'Australia' appears on each shoulder. Below it, on the right side is a blue cloth badge featuring a gold and red crown with text in a scroll that reads 'British Commonwealth Forces'. Each side of the collar features a metal caduceus badge, the symbol of a rod entwined by two snakes, topped by a pair of wings and crown. The jacket sits on the hips and has pleats at the back. Built into the lining on the back of the waistband are three buttonholes for trousers to be attached.

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