1/4 Rupee, Issued by East India Company, Bengal, India, 1204 AH Year 19 (frozen)
Minted by Calcutta Mint (bead at centre of the 4 dots)

Obverse Description

Persian legend beginning with the date 1204

Reverse Description

Short Julus formula (translation: Struck at Murshidabad in the 19 year)

Edge Description

milled ///


The 1793 issue was authorised under Regulation XXXV of 1 May 1793. Except on the 1/4 rupee, the hijri year is omitted from the legend, on the 1/4 rupee it was given as 1204 (1789-1790 AD). The mints of Calcutta, Dacca, Murshidabad and Patna were used to strike coins for this issue, all are identicle except for tiny (secret) dots; in this case a dot in the middle of the four beads near the rim at 4 o'clock on the reverse.

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