A copper semis denomination coin from the town of Uxentum in Italy, circa 200 BC
Mint: not recorded

Obverse Description

Bust of Athena facing right wearing helmet, below (on its side) S (the denomination mark). Appears to have a spear in front of Athena

Reverse Description

Herakles standing left holding club on ground with right hand and a cornucopia and lion's skin in left. In field to right an S and on left in Greek OXAN

Edge Description



UXENTUM (Uxentinus: Ugento), a town of Calabria, in the territory of the Sallentines, situated about 5 miles from the seacoast, and 16 from the Iapygian Promontory (Capo di Leuca). It is mentioned by both Pliny and Ptolemy among the inland towns which they assign to the Sallentines, and is placed by the Tabula on the road from Tarentum to the extremity of the peninsula. (Plin. Nat. 3.11. s. 16; Ptol. 3.1.76; Tab. Peut.) ... The site is clearly marked by the modern town of Ugento ... Many tombs also have been found there, in which coins, vases, and inscriptions in the Messapian dialect have been discovered.


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