Sestertius struck under the moneyer Gnaeus Gallius Lupercus in 16 BC, Ancient Roman Empire. Minted by Rome. The Rome mint ceased operation in about 40 BC. Evidence for it's re-opening largely relies on the revival of the Republican tradition of the names of the responsible member of the III Viri AAAFF. On this coin Lupercus is named (his partners in 16 BC were C. Assinius Gallus and C. Cassius Celer).

Obverse Description

An oak wreath flanked by laurel branches; in three lines divided by the wreath, OB / CIVIS / SERVATOS

Reverse Description

At centre, S . C; around, C . GALLIVS . C . F . LVPERCVS . IIIVIR A.A.A.F.F.

Edge Description


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