Coin issued by Cales, Campania, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 250 BC
Minted by Cales

Obverse Description

Head of the Greek goddess Pallas Athena facing left wearing a crested Corinthian helmet.

Reverse Description

Cock standing to right with CALENO in front. Part of a star just on flan behind cock.

Edge Description



Cales (modern Calvi) was the site of a Roman Latin Colony from 334 BC. Occupied by the Aurunci, a group from the Latium-Campania border region of Italy, it was apparently part of the area conquered by Rome circa 313 BC after which Cales became the centre of Roman rule in Campania. Cales became an important Roman base during the second Punic war, though like many Italian cities it lost faith in Roman victory briefly in 209 BC.

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