Coin issued by Teanum Sidicinum, Campania, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 250 BC
Minted by Teanum Sidicinum

Obverse Description

Head of Pallas Athena facing left wearing a crested Corinthian helmet.

Reverse Description

Cock standing facing right,behind it in the field is a star of eight rays and in front TIANO

Edge Description



The designs on this coin are identical to those on an issue from Cales and Suessa Aurunca of the same period. Both of those towns were under the Aurunci who controlled the Lattium-Campania border region and were neighbours of the Sidicini. By the time this coin was issued the area was under Roman rule and had been for about fifty years but retained technical independence. Rome took total control after the Social War (91-87 BC) after which Roman citizenship was granted.

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