Sextans issued by Capua, Campania, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 215 BC
Minted by Capua

Obverse Description

Head of Hercules to right. He is diademed and carries a club on his left shoulder. Border of dots

Reverse Description

A lion advancing right with head raised and facing. In its mouth is a spear (being carried according to British Museum or broken with left fore paw according to ANS). In exergue a legend (largely worn away). Above the lion are two dots giving the denomination as a sextans.

Edge Description



The victory of Hannibal over superior Roman forces at the Batle of Cannae on 2 August 216 BC saw the defection of a number of Italian cities to him, most significantly Capua. The mint at Capua began striking coins in gold silver and, on a large scale, copper. This coin belongs to the period that Capua was under Hannibal, the city was recaptured by the Romans in 211.

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