Stater issued by Neapolis, Campania, Italy, Ancient Greek States, circa 300 BC
Minted by Neapolis.

Obverse Description

Head of a water-nymph (named as the Roman goddess Proserpina in early catalogue) facing left wearing diadem, earring and necklace; behind is a lit torch.

Reverse Description

Man-headed bull, Achelous, walking to right head facing, above it Nike is flying to right crowning it with a wreath. Below the bull the Greek letters IS (Iota Sigma). The exergue is damaged but would have contained the word NEOPOLIT.

Edge Description



The issues of Neapolis became the principle coins circulating in Campania during the last half of the 4th century BC. To meet the requirments of the area greater numbers were struck and control marks, like the tourch on this piece, were introduced. The man-headed bull on the reverse was a river-god called Achelous who appeared as a suitor to a mortal in a myth in the form of a bull.

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