Black and white photograph of the Bulk Store team who worked for H.V McKay Massey Harris. Men pictured from left to tight: Bill Prince, Larry Spokes, Gunars Putnins, Noel Howie, Herb McDuff, Alan Farnbach, Mardan Byrne and Leo Ryan.

The Bulk Store was built in 1924 and is the only factory building that remains as a marker of the site of the Sunshine Harvester Works. The Bulk Store housed many of the raw materials used in the factory. Goods were delivered to the building by an internal railway line that ran alongside the site. Once the goods were off-loaded, a large gantry crane was used to move them into place, ready to be distributed to other factory departments. Tools, nuts and bolts, chains for machines and castings were all manufactured on-site by Sunshine factory workers.

On top of the Bulk Store, a dovecot housed the factory siren. Workers and locals used it to tell the time and organise their days. The Sunshine community became so used to the sound of the siren that when it was removed many people complained.

Photograph is located in an album: Volume No. 10: "Portraits, Sundry Machines, Royal Show 1945-51", page 271. This is one of 25 albums that provide detailed visual documentation of the activities of the McKay enterprise.

This image forms part of the extensive McKay Sunshine collection which includes images, film, objects, trade publications and oral histories.

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A group of eight men standing in a row outside a building.

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