Image taken by A.J. Campbell in preparation for his definitive work, 'Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds including the Geographical Distribution of the Species and Popular Observations Thereon', published by Pawson & Brailsford, Sheffield, England in 1900. This particular image was featured and Campbell noted 'There is nothing like personal experience, and as the Mallee Hen is so replete with fascinating interest, even at the risk of being tedious, I here give a brief account, the substance of which I read before the Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria, 8th December, 1884, of a day's outing enjoyed in virgin mallee scrub of the Wimmera district of Victoria, when I was in quest of the Hen's eggs.'

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Boy sitting on Malle Fowl Mound.

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Black and white silver gelatin glass negative, half plate, landscape format

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