Image taken by A.J. Campbell in preparation for his definitive work, 'Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds including the Geographical Distribution of the Species and Popular Observations Thereon', published by Pawson & Brailsford, Sheffield, England in 1900. This particular image was used to illustrate the species. Campbell noted 'Nest - Oval in shape, open, shallow; somewhat loosely constructed of tough branching rootlets and a few broad dead leaves and tendrils of climbing plants; lined inside with a layer of broad leaves, upon which are placed portions of very fine twigs. Usually situated in dense scrub. Dimensions over all, 8 inches longest breadth, shortest breadth 6 or 7 inches by 3¢ inches in depth; egg cavity 4 inches across by 1¢ inches deep .'

Description of Content

Two streaked eggs in oval nest.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin glass negative, half plate, landscape format

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