Australia Victoria Bendigo
Medal - County of Bendigo Agricultural and Horticultural Society Silver Prize 1879 (AD)
Mint: Melbourne
Awarded to: Trouette and Blampied

County of Bendigo Agricultural and Horticultural Society Silver Prize medal, awarded to Trouette and Blampied in 1878 for 'Excellence in Wine'. The Society was established in 1859. It aimed to promote farming practices and celebrate rural achievements. It has conducted an Annual Show every year since that time, with the exception of the war years.

French immigrants Jean-Pierre Trouette, his wife Anne Marie Blampied and her brother Emile settled in the Grampians in 1858. Jean-Pierre and his brother-in-law Emile were the first to plant grape vines at Great Western, in 1863. They were eventually awarded numerous medals for their wines. Jean-Pierre was dedicated to the establishment of the local wine industry, and also served as a councillor in Stawell. He died in 1885.

Physical Description

A silver prize medal (38 mm diameter) won by Trouette and Blampied for an excellence in wine at the 1879 Bendigo Agricultural and Horticultural Society show. It features the Arms of Bendigo with horse and bull supporters and the motto PROGRESS and details of the award.

Obverse Description

Engraved, Mess. Trouette & Blampied / FOR/ Excellence in Wine/ Oct 25th. / 1878; around, COUNTY OF BENDIGO AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTUAL

Reverse Description

Arms of Bendigo; on ribbon, PROGRESS Below in small letters, ERNST A. ALTMANN MELBOURNE

Edge Description


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