Australia Victoria Melbourne
Thrale & Cross Token Halfpenny, Late strike of original token obverse
Mint: Stokes

Standard References: Andrews 585 = Heyde 254 = Sharples V.174
This ia a late re-strike of one of the earliest tokens manufactured in Melbourne at the Kangaroo Office mint. The Thrale & Cross obverse dire (manufactured in Melbourne from a blank die brought from London) was used with two Kangaroo Office stock reverse dies (manufactured by Taylor in London and shipped to Australia on the Kangaroo) probably in late 1854 to manufacture trade token halfpenny pieces. Reginald Scaife, manager of the Kangaroo Office lived in North Melbourne, it is possible that Thrale & Cross was his personal family grocer. This token features the seated Australia reverse. The dies were acquired by Thomas Stokes in 1857 and they were donated to the museum in about 1933. This uniface piece was prepared in 1982 for display beside the original die.

Physical Description

A uniface copper copy of a trade token halfpenny obverse (30 mm diameter) featuring the name address and business of the original issuer: Thrale & Cross, Howard St. North Melbourne, family grocer and egg powder store.

Obverse Description

The name, address and business of the firm in seven lines, the first and last curved to form a border: . THRALE & CROSS / FAMILY GROCER / & / EGG POWDER / STORE / HOWARD ST NORTH MELBOURNE . Struck with deteriorated dies.

Reverse Description


Edge Description


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