History of occupational health and safety at Sunshine Harvester Works.

The work environment in the Sunshine Harvester Works factory was challenging at times. In the first part of the 20th century, workers were exposed to many dangers posed by factory machinery and equipment. As a result, there were many workplace accidents and a few deaths.

The company had various methods of addressing workplace accidents. Injured workers were taken to the factory's First Aid Room where they were cared for by a qualified nurse and doctor. Workers also received first aid training and formed a fire brigade to combat blazes on site. In addition, financial assistance was provided to ill or injured workers.

As the 20th century progressed, awareness of occupational health and safety grew and, as a result, conditions in the factory improved. For instance, change and shower rooms were introduced into the factory, as well as designated lunch areas. The greatest improvement came when Massey-Ferguson took over the company in 1955. Massey-Ferguson spent £500,000 on overhauling the factory, including updating machinery, improving ventilation and reducing fumes and dust. General repairs and maintenance were also carried out on buildings.

Within a few years, the factory's safety record drastically improved as the company implemented a strict safety program. Protective clothing and safety gear was made mandatory for those working and entering the factory. Safety seminars and training classes were introduced, while the factory nurse was instructed to carry out hearing and eye tests. In addition,there were 10-15 minute exercise sessions held for workers in the mornings.

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