Description of the Dennison family who worked for the Sunshine Harvester Works.

The Sunshine Harvester Works had a long tradition of employing members of the same family across generations. The Denisons were one such family. Older members of the family migrated to Australia from Leeds, England. By 1945, they had a total of 77 years of service to the company spanning three generations. The family worked in various departments across the factory.

Jack Denison was the most senior member of the family to be employed by the firm. Jack worked in the Tool Shop, while his son Ben was employed in the Chain Shop. Ben commenced employment at Sunshine Harvester Works in 1921 as a fitter. He previously worked for various companies in England, including the Denison Hustler Co. in Yeadon. Ben went on to become the foreman of the Sunshine Harvester Works' Chain Shop. Despite his temporary departures from the company in the 1920s, Ben remained with the Sunshine Harvester Works until his retirement in 1956 at the age of 66. Ben's son Jack Jnr also worked for the firm as an engine fitter.

Other members of the family included Ben's brother Arthur who joined the Sunshine Harvester Works in 1921 as a fitter. He spent the previous five years working for J.R Thompson and Denison Hustler Co in England. Arthur was dismissed in 1923 but re-joined the firm in 1933. He went on to become a leading hand fitter and retired in 1966. Arthur's daughter Beryl entered the Sunshine Harvester Works' Sales Department in 1944 after completing school. She left the firm in 1949.

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H.V McKay Massey Harris and Massey-Ferguson Employment Records held at University of Melbourne Archives.
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