From the earliest days of the company's inception, Eastman Kodak Company produced an 'in-house' publication as a means for employees to become 'better acquainted' with each other. This tradition of a company newsletter or magazine was later adopted by Kodak subsidiaries around the world. Despite the difference in name and appearance between the disparate publications, all of the newsletters had the shared goal of informing Kodak staff about their company, its products and their colleagues.

Some of the staff newsletters produced around the world over the years include:

  • Australian Kodakery: staff newsletter from Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd in Australia; published monthly from 1968. It was replaced by Kodak News in 1985.

  • Kodakery: staff newsletter from Eastman Kodak Company in the U.S.A., originally published weekly. The Kodakery replaced the Kodak Magazine in 1942.

  • International Kodakery: staff newsletter from Eastman Kodak Company in U.S.A. for branches worldwide without their own newsletter. This newsletter was published in English and Spanish. It started publication in 1967.

  • Kodak : staff newsletter from Kodak Canada; first published in 1936. Canadian Kodakery followed this in 1955 and was in turn succeeded by Kodak Canada News in 1975, followed by In Focus in 1986, and Kodakery Canadain 1994;.

  • Atualidades: staff newsletter from Kodak in Brazil; published monthly. It started publication in 1970.

  • Silhouette: staff newsletter from Kodak (South Africa) (Pty.) Ltd.; published quarterly.

  • Panorama-Kodak: staff newsletter from Kodak S.p.A. in Italy; published three times a year. It started publication in 1965.

  • Kodak Werkzeitschrift: staff newsletter from Kodak A.G. in Germany; published four to five times a year. It started publication in 1968.

  • Contacts: staff newsletter from Kodak S.a. in Switzerland; published five times a year. It started publication in 1963.

  • Kodeco: staff newsletter from Kodak-Pathe in France; published six times a year. It started publication in 1948.

  • Kodak News: staff newsletter from Kodak Limited in England; published fortnightly. Kodak News replaced the Kodak Bulletin as Kodak Limited's staff newsletter in 1967.

Museums Victoria holds a large number of staff newsletters produced by Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, including almost the entire series of the Australian Kodakery and Kodak News. It also includes examples of the Kodak Works Bulletin and other publications produced by Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd. Museums Victoria also holds a number of examples of newsletters produced by Eastman Kodak Company, including the US edition of the Kodakery, Eastman News and the International Kodakery.


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