A.J. Parkes & Company Pty Ltd is the foremost medallion and badge manufacturer in Queensland, and one of the most prominent in Australia as a whole. The business has been producing commemorative medallions and medalettes for over 100 years. Since the early 1980s Parkes has also manufactured small plastic products from injection mouldings.

Parkes was an experienced die sinker from the Royal Mint, London. He founded his business at 3 Gregory Terrace, Brisbane, in 1896, producing medallions, medalets and uniform buttons and badges for the armed forces and Government departments. His work was of high quality, and he increased the business to produce a wide range of medallic products. The growing business moved to Lower George Street, Brisbane. Parkes retired in 1941, selling the business to Eric Faux, whose family still control the business today. The business moved back to Gregory Terrace, but remained there for only 11 years, moving to their current complex in Salisbury in 1961.

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