When free and compulsory education was first introduced in Victoria in 1873 the local management of schools in each area was facilitated through a Board of Advice, a forerunner of today's School Councils. Each Board controlled a number of schools within a specified school district. The responsibility of Board members included checking on the condition and management of schools (including sporting facilities and books), inducing children to attend school, recommending scholarships, suspending teachers in cases of misconduct and identifying the need for new schools. Each Board of Advice consisted of five to seven people, elected by ratepayers living in the school district. All Boards of Advice were abolished under the Education Act 1910. The role performed by these Boards was effectively assumed by a new body known as the School Committee which was to be established within every school.

Education Act 1872
Education Act 1910
Public Records Office, including website http://www.prov.vic.gov.au/archivesvictoria/t1tbmain.asp (Boards of Advice)

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