J.W. Buxton appears to have run one of the largest stationery businesses in Brisbane during the 1860s. His wife, Mrs. Buxton, ran a well publicised Ladies Drapery warehouse.

The Buxtons each took out a full page advertisements in Pugh's Queensland Almanac for 1862, one at the start of the advertising section, the other at the end. Both of advertisements announced that their business had removed to the premises previously 'occupied by Mr. W.J. Costin, Chemist', and Grocer in Queen Street, North Brisbane. Their previous address, or addresses, are not known.

During March 1865 Buxton advertised 'The New Map of Queensland' in The Courier newspaper. The map was available in a range of formats, ranging from plain paper maps for 7s 6d, through to the coloured version mounted on rollers for 30s.

In the Directory accompanying Pugh's Almanac for 1866, the Buxtons' two businesses still gave their addresses as Queen Street, Brisbane.

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Pugh's Queensland Almanac and Directory for 1866.

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