In 1856 the Royal Mint, Sydney, ordered a special press that offered Australian medallists greater technical capacity than previously available. The Mint, however, did not have the ability to prepare dies from artwork, obtaining its coinage dies directly from London. The Mint's ability to even harden engraved dies was questionable.

The first major piece to be issued by the mint was struck in 1859: a commemorative medal awarded to those who attempted to rescue survivors of the Admella shipwreck near Portland in Victoria.

List of Deputy Masters of the Sydney Branch of the Royal Mint

Captain Edward WolstanholmeWard ,1853-1868
Charles E Louis,1869-Jan 1878
Robert Hunt C.M.G.,  Jan 1878-Sep 1892
John McDonald Cameron, May 1893-Jan 1898
Edward Henry Silberstein von Arnheim, April 1898-Aug 1921
John Honeyford Campbell O.B.E. I.S.O, Aug 1921-Feb 1926

Note: Campbell moved on to the Ottawa Branch in 1926. Born 1866 Stabane Northern Ireland, appointed Sydney Mint 1884, OBE 1919, ISO 1929.

Sharples, John P. (1990). Medals as Art: Australia and the Meszaros Tradition.

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