Born in 1950 in born in Gdansk, Poland, Wojciech Pietranik studied at the Academy of Fine Arts graduating with a Masters in Sculpture. Between 1975 and 1985 he worked freelance and exhibited his work in Poland and internationally. In 1985 he migrated to Darwin, Australia with his family to teach sculpture. In 1989 they moved to Canberra and Wojciech became a designer and engraver at the Royal Australian Mint. He studied at the Rome School of Medallic Art under a Churchill Fellowship in 1992. He was one of 18 artists invited to submitt a design for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Medals and was successful with his designs appearing on the gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to athletes.

Pietranik was interviewed by Debra Taylor in the Weekend Australian Magazine, August 14-15, 2004

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