The nursery is one of 21 rooms in the dolls' house Pendle Hall. It was designed and decorated by Felicity Clemons over a forty year period, and each piece of furniture and fixture was handmade by her. She used books and magazines for inspiration, and to achieve a high level of accuracy in the design and execution of each item.

It is a large room in the basement of the house, where the children of the household would have spent a lot of their time playing and reading under the supervision of a servant called the nanny.

In the centre of the room is a large wooden table, which is covered with a green velvet tablecloth, which is fringed around the edges and weighted on each corner. On the table are two pencils, eight blocks, two books, two glasses and a bowl of fruit. At either end of the table is a wooden chair, with its back and seat upholstered in blue velvet. In front of the table is a miniature wooden table and three wooden chairs. On the table are two wooden blocks and a rolled serviette, while wooden painted dolls sit on two of the chairs. The third chair is lying on its side, next to a small teddy bear.

On the left hand wall is a wooden cabinet, painted green, which has two doors and a drawer. On top of it stand six wooden painted toy soldiers. Above it hangs a framed painting. In front of it sits a small rocking horse and a square blackboard on a wooden easel.

On the back wall is a three storey doll's house, which opens at the front. A small framed painting hangs above this. In the right hand back corner is an angled open fireplace, which has a wooden and metal firescreen in front. Above it sits an ornament on a recessed shelf. A framed painting hangs above this.

On the right hand wall are a wooden carved high chair, with turned arms and legs and a woven seat and back. Next to it is a square wooden side table, with turned legs. Above this hangs a set of wooden shelves, painted green, on which sits a set of books, a monkey ornament and a toy boat. Next to it sits a toy drum. In front of it sits a small wooden doll's cradle, containing two wooden painted dolls.

There is a door in the left hand back wall, and a small window in the centre back wall, with a pair of white floral curtains. The walls are painted white and the floor is wooden. Due to the sunken staircase above it, the room has an irregular shaped ceiling

In the room are three children, two boys and a female infant, and a female nanny in uniform.

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