The first (floor) landing is one of 21 rooms in the dolls' house Pendle Hall. It was designed and decorated by Felicity Clemons over a forty year period, and each piece of furniture and fixture was handmade by her. She used books and magazines for inspiration, and to achieve a high level of accuracy in the design and execution of each item.

It is a medium sized room on the first floor of the house, directly above the entrance hall. It gave access to the main staircase to the upper and lower levels, and well as to the first floor hallway.

A round wooden table sits at the back of the landing, against the railing. On it is a candlestick and a bowl of red flowers. On the wall are five framed paintings, and a four armed metal candelabra hangs from the ceiling, surround a moulded plaster ceiling rose.

At the back right corner is a staircase leading up to the second floor, which is covered with intricately decorated parquetry. It has a wooden banister held up by a number of turned wooden balusters. Half way up, along the back wall, is a small landing, at the end of which the staircase continues up to the second floor.

On the front left hand wall is a door to the withdrawing room, while on the front right hand wall is a door to the dining room. The floor is covered with an intricately designed parquetry.

In the hall is one female servant in uniform.

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