One of a set of drawings for the construction of the Melbourne Observatory at South Yarra. The plans are dated 1861 and construction of the main buildings at the Observatory was completed in 1863.

The Melbourne Observatory Collection comprises scientific instruments and other objects as well as some documents and images from the Observatory from its operations between 1863 and 1944.

Physical Description

Drawing on off-white paper in black ink showing a perspective of an 1861 6 foot Transit Instrument by Troughton & Simms, London. The instrument was erected at the Williamstown Observatory in 1861 and re-erected at the Melbourne Observatory in 1863. The drawing fills the page and comprises a large spoked wheel attached to piston mechanisms. The scale printed below reads "3/4 INCH TO A FOOT". The paper is foxed, with traces of mould along the upper and lower edges. The lower left corner and central lower edge are torn.

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