Alternative Name(s): Oral History; Interview; RAAF Recollections; Exhibition Building, REB, World War II, Cassette Tape

The interviewee is Alan Laurence Walton, depicted in two photographs at the Exhibition Building during World War II: SH 960567 and SH 960566. Alan talks about the three months he spent at the exhibition building in early 1942. He says the Exhibition Building 'was certainly no Hilton ... it was no good for barracks . We would have been better off in tents'. He mentions dust falling through the floorboards, and the state of disrepair of the building. Beds were arranged on the balconies, with no lockers, and thefts were rife. The light was too dim to read at night. On Saturdays activities included trench digging.

Alan Walton, service no. 10721, was born in Melbourne on 11 April 1918, and enlisted on 27 June 1940. He was discharged on 18 December 1945 at the rank of corporal, posted to 2 Aircraft Depot (NSW). His service records in the National Archives of Australia have been digitized (barcode 4557584), and record that he was a typewriter mechanic who became a trainee fitter, and instrument maker and repairer, during the war. 'RAAF Exhibition Buildings' ('No. 1. S.T.T. Exhibition') is mentioned in his records - he was posted there on 1 February 1942, then moved to Ascot Vale on 26 April (photo SH 960567 was taken in Easter 1942 - Easter Sunday was 5 April). A photograph of Alan is included in his NAA records.

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Recollections of Alan Walton of the Royal Australian Air Force, who was stationed at the Royal Exhibition Building.

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