1/2 Pice, Issued by Bombay Presidency, India, 1810
Minted by Bombay Mint

Obverse Description

Balemark of the British East India Company; below, 1810

Reverse Description

A pair of balanced scales (partly off flan); between pans the Persian Adil (translation: Just)

Edge Description



In the 1790's copper coinage needs for Bombay were supplied from England. By 1802 these coins were becoming scarce and it was decided to copy their design but strike them locally and at reduced weights (as they would make a loss retaining the earlier standard). Authority was granted and production began almost immediately in 1802 and continued as required until 1829; although there was a further English production of copper denominations in 1804 as production of the local coins was "slow, laborious and expensive" (Pridmore p.132).

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