Black and white leaflet advertising Cine-Kodak products as a part of a promotion in the 1930s, prior to World War Two. The cameras advertised include the Cine-Kodak Eight Models.

The leaflet is a part of a scrapbook compiled by Kodak Australasia. The scrapbook contains 28 colour, and black and white promotional leaflets produced before World War Two for Kodak products that were mainly made in Australia. The leaflets promote cameras, film, film processing, moving footage products and equipment, medical imagery and include educational information on using Kodak products. The leaflets incorporate promotions relating to Christmas and other special events. For example, "Invite the Brownie family this Christmas". They also refer to specialist products, for example,"Bone Pathology - only Radiographs can provide definite diagnostic facts". The promotional materials range in size from 69 X 167 mm to 242 X 309 mm. This scrapbook is almost identical to HT 20571 regarding content.

Physical Description

Rectangular, black and white, paper advertising leaflet. The top half of the leaflet contains text and a stylised photograph of a little girl holding a teddy bear and sitting on a wooden horse. There is also a small stylised photograph of a woman holding a camera up to her left eye. The bottom half of the leaflet contains text advertising Cine-Kodak products, specifically Cine-Kodak Eight Models.

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