Information leaflet with Spanish text about free English Classes provided by the NSW Adult Migrant English Service, in 1991. It is one of 15 brochures collected by Anna Malgorzewicz at the Women in Migration conference held at Melbourne University on 8 February 1992. The brochures are in English and thirteen other languages. Although produced and run by the Adult Migrant English Service (A.M.E.S.) in New South Wales, these brochures were distributed in Victoria, as residents were eligible to apply for the Distance Education programme. The language groups catered for were English, Arabic, Croatian, Macedonian, Polish, Khmer, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Lao, Turkish, Spanish, Serbian and Korean. The course was also used as a model by Victorian based migrant education services.

Physical Description

An A4 sized printed sheet with orange, black and white background colours. Extensive black printed text in Spanish. Some English.

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