Coherer and tapper, manufactured by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Coy. Ltd. Possibly includes a second coherer marked 018546.

Part of set:
ST 18546 Coherer And Tapper, Marconi
ST 18546.1 Coherer Based Detector Assembly - Marconi, Radio Receiver
ST 018546.2 Coherer And Tapper, Marconi
ST 018547 Morse Inker - Marconi, Radio Receiver
ST 018548 Morse Recorder Reel - Marconi, Radio,
ST 018549 Morse Key - Marconi's Wireless Telegraph
ST 018550 Condenser - Marconi, Radio,
ST 018551 Induction Coil - Marconi, Radio,
ST 018552 Transmit or Receive Mode Switch - Marconi, Radio,

The set should contain a jigger, which might be.ST 021412 (possibly made at Melbourne University Engineering School).

Physical Description

Set comprises coherer (connected to 1 of 9 cells), small tubular copper condenser, one relay (connected to 8 of 9 cells),one jigger (oscillation transformer )(not original). All components are mounted on a wooden base, as well on which is a tin foil condenser, chokes, 5 resistors and 2 shunts.

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