Marconi transmitting key, used for morse communication by radio. Made by Marconi, circa 1905.

This key might have been directly connected to the the keying relay (ST 15473) and the spark discharger (ST15463). The associated receiving setup may well have included the magentic detector (ST 15464), the telephone condenser (ST 15469) and the multiple tuner (ST 15459).

Part of set:
ST 18546 Coherer And Tapper, Marconi
ST 18546.1 Coherer Based Detector Assembly - Marconi, Radio Receiver
ST 018546.2 Coherer And Tapper, Marconi
ST 018547 Morse Inker - Marconi, Radio Receiver
ST 018548 Morse Recorder Reel - Marconi, Radio,
ST 018549 Morse Key - Marconi's Wireless Telegraph
ST 018550 Condenser - Marconi, Radio,
ST 018551 Induction Coil - Marconi, Radio,
ST 018552 Transmit or Receive Mode Switch - Marconi, Radio,

The set should contain a jigger, which might be.ST 021412 (possibly made at Melbourne University Engineering School).

Serial number (720) indicates that it is more recent than ST 015473 (Serial number 354), which has an estimated date of 1902.

Physical Description

Brass morse key mounted on varnished wooden base with two brass terminals at end away from key and a brass knife switch in series with the swinging contact. The swinging contact has a leaf spring return.

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