Copy of a medal of Leone Battista Albert (1404-1472) an architect and writer. The original medal was by the artist Matteo de' Pasti at Verona between 1446 and 1450. This two piece electrotype copy was made circa 1881 Robert Ready. This electrotype was not part of the British Museum's King's Gallery Exhibition of 1881. It's acquisition by the National Gallery of Victoria and thus Museum Victoria is yet to be traced. The original medal from which this electrotype was made is cast bronze, British Museum Reg: G3,IP.1. This electrotype in copper plated and toned.

Obverse Description

Draped bust of Leone facing left; around, . LEO BAPTISTA . . ALBERTVS .

Reverse Description

Within a laurel wreath, a winged eye advancing left; below eye, . QVID . TVM .; around, MATTHAEI . PASTII . VERONENSIS . OPVS .

Edge Description


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