Circular yellow sticker with black inscription on square adhesive sheet.

These stickers were offered to front of house staff to wear in the initial weeks of the COVID-19 lock downs when panic buying was rife and interactions between staff and customers were heightened. It was a non verbal way of reminding customers that they needed to maintain a minimum 1.5 meter space away from staff and other customers at all times. Wearing the stickers was voluntary.

"It was just something simple that was on [the staff] while they were serving customers. Not to let [the customers] feel intimidated or anything! But just a friendly reminder really. ... [There had been] a lot of feedback coming from the girls at customer service. They were scared. They were telling [management] consistently they had a lot of customers and they can't help it, cos . it'll be like [they'll lean forward and ask]: "Do you know where this product is?" . And they don't mean it but naturally you're doing it because you're trying to talk to someone, so the girls were [leaning back with hands up saying]: "Ohhh!" because they didn't know how to politely [tell the customer] cos they're trained in customer service. This is the way we operate at LaManna. It's all about our customer service. And we're very proud of our customer service. So doing the complete opposite is very strange to us. But yeah those stickers definitely helped." - LaManna Senior Manager, 11 June 2020.

A similar design was used as floor markers inside the store.

Physical Description

Circular yellow sticker with black inscription on square adhesive sheet. The sticker depicts a standing female figure on the left with a standing male figure on the right and a double ended arrow in between them.

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