Alternative name(s): button

This badge was manufactured by the Patrick Brothers in Melbourne. Organisations taking part in May Day parades would often choose a theme or slogan for their involvement. The message 'Socialism ends Poverty & Unemployment' is an unusually strong and direct one.

Physical Description

Round plastic coated badge. Black text with red background. Pin attached to back of badge.


Reason for Acquisition: Badges like these are commonly distributed and worn by protestors who take part marches, blockades and other public campaigns relating to legislation, Government policy, or community attitudes. They are often produced by political lobbying groups, and are worn on the day of the protest and afterwards, while the campaign is still current. Sometimes they are supplemented by posters, T-shirts and banners, and other ways of communicating the message. Although these badges are not provenanced to any one individual, they reflect the concerns of the members of the teaching profession during the 1980s and 1990s. Several are directed particularly at the Education policies of the Victorian Kennett Government.

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