Alternative Name(s): button

This badge with the slogan 'One Nuclear Bomb can Ruin Your Whole Day' was made circa 1970s-1980s. This message featured on many bumper stickers in the 1980s, but its source is unknown, as is for the vast majority of political slogans. It belongs to the extensive folklore of the anti-nuclear movement that abounds with witty one-liners. The tongue-in-cheek message betrays the unique combination of light-heartedness and serious issues representative of the radical activism of those decades. It is a variation of another popular slogan and design also found in the Museum Victoria Collection bearing the message 'Nuclear War can Spoil your Whole Day.'

Physical Description

Circular badge. Laminated front with pink background and black inscription u.c. - l.c. Silver colored metal back with wire pin and loop.

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