Alternative Name(s): Button

This badge was made circa 1914-1919 and used in the same period. The First World War was greeted with relative enthusiasm and support, and the circulation of fundraising badges was part of that effort. This is a generic fundraising badge produced by the Australia Young Men's Christian Association. The lion's head is set against an inverted red triangle, which is a symbol for the YMCA. In a time of growing nationalism, badges like this one were used to heighten citizens' pride in Australia's role in the war and within the Commonwealth, as the lion head represents Britain.

Physical Description

Small badge with pale brown background. Lion's head in a red triangle c. Brown printed text around the edge. Pin on the back. Red triangle is the symbol of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) which provided 'comforts' for soldiers during the First and Second World Wars. The lion symbolises Britain.

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