Alternative Name(s): Button

The slogan on this badge stems from movements of opposition to the Communist regime in Eastern Europe in the 1980s. This slogan and alternatively 'Soviet tanks? No thanks" were employed by the Solidarnosc, or Solidarity movement in Poland. This was a trade union founded in 1980 and it was the first one not to be under the control of the communist party. According to a 1981 article in The New York Times, badges with this English slogan would be circulated at the Solidarity national congress in Poland and would have been amongst the most sought-after by collectors. The slogan also referred to the Prague Spring, the 1968 Soviet invasion of Poland with the aim of crushing the recent political liberalization that was taking place.

This particular badge, however, was used in Australia to protest Russian involvement in Afghanistan.

Physical Description

Circular button of white plastic with red text on tin plate. Clasp and pin on reverse.

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