Alternative Name(s): button

Trident is a nuclear submarine-launched missile system operated by the United Kingdom that was anounced in 1980 and began operations in 1994. The Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament was founded in 1957 and became one of the biggest peace movements worldwide. They were and still are spearheding the opposition to the Trident programme. This badge displays a symbol of a trident merging into a CND logo, that later also beacame the international peace sign. This badge is part of an enormous collection of political badges assembled by the donor in his years of political student activism in Melbourne.

Physical Description

Circular badge. Laminated front with yellow background; four brown symbols with black outlines, c.l.-c.r, they show a trident on the far left that changes into a peace symbol on the far right; black inscription l.l.-l.r. dBack is silver colored metal with wire pin and loop.

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