Alternative Name(s): Button

The fact that this badge is inscribed with April 15 points to the possibility that it was used during Palm Sunday marches. Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, is usually celebrated in April and in the 1980s it started to become a day of protests for peace and nuclear disarmament in Australia. These manifestations were among the biggest protest campaigns in the country's history, with hundreds of thousands of people attending the Sydney and Melbourne ones.

People For Nuclear Disarmament (PND) is a group that has been active since 1960 and are based in Sydney, Australia, with affiliates around the world. PND's objective is to mobilise public opinion towards disarmament, peace and social justice, with the eventual goal of complete world disarmament. Many PND groups evolved out of different pre-existing bodies by adopting this new name. In Victoria, the PND was formed in 1981 through a coalition of various peace organisations. The model by which it functioned was based on affiliations: from renowned peace organisations and anti-uranium groups to unions, religious bodies, political organisations, international solidarity groups. By 1983 the PND had 150 affiliates. Due to this flux and flexibility in the organisational structure, it is hard to provide an accurate history of the campaign.

Physical Description

A large, red badge, bearing the Victory-symbol (two fingers stretched out) in green on it. across the symbol is a yellow rectangular with red text on it. An inscription in small, yellow letters is imprinted on the bottom of the symbol. On the back is a pin.

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